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Thursday, February 21, 2008

-> haha. short short post today.
or perhaps the last until i get sicked of wordpress.

talking bout that, i decided to blog in wordpress. haha:)

-> emaths is just as shitty as amaths.
though alot people say its easy, but i just couldnt solve it.

and i forgot what is radicals, as well as how to find m&n.

lit was crap too.

two questions, people can write one whole page for one question. i combined both question together, not even three fifth of the paper.

thats bad, Qiwei.

-> last paper tomorrow.
all the best for the bio students.

all the best to me x1000 times.
pray hard that polysaccharides, monosaccharides and disaccharides suddenly becomes my friend tomorrow. glucose fractose, galactose, maltose, sucrose, lactose, starch, glycogen and cellulose become my buddies too.

-> anyway, SINGAPORE GOT IT!

-> I'll Be Back :D

QIWEI @ 3:00 AM

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

-> ade and i were trying to reminisce our twit past. LOL

something like this:

yozz! moii naame iish wanng qii weeii.
ii lubb moii fwenss.

or the very popular big small caps style:

yoZ! mY naMe iS wANg qI wEi.
i lOVe mY fRienDs.

lagi worst, combine both.

yoZz! mOii nAamE iIsH wAnnG qiI wEEii.
ii lUbB mOii fwENs.

and we started laughing at ourself, but on the other hand, glad that we had long ago grew out of it.

now i feeling like slapping people who writes liiDdaT.
haha! ya yeekhang, i wanna slap you so much :D

-> teachers tries very hard to be funny. one very good example, MR Matthew Lim.

factional distillation
cher, what kind of pebbles is that? what brand de? can suspense one.
" floating pebbles"

cher, who set the paper?
"no one sat on the paper"

cher, paper comfine chop chop you set de. all the stuff you go through just now came out.
" so can score well la? can open champagne celebrate la?"
answering to his first question, i did a o.k sign.
" oh three bottles of champagne ar?"

etc, etc..

and MR Ng.

what is mathematics?
it is to make things simpler.
what is history?
it is to make simple things complicated.


and i realised im becoming more and MORE racist because of them.

-> i almost forgot this:
eye of gold, thigh of blue; true or false, who is who.


-> anyway, chem paper was the easiest so far.
and hmt was just plain difficult. i mean the comprehension part. totally dont know which and where is the answer. the whole passage just seems like the answer for question 1.

three more papers to go, and starts band.
band band band band bang 死你!

-> SLSY and i figured that we like to feature each other alot in our blog.

we just like to SLSY here, BBWQW there.

and she makes me feels like im bullying her. haha!

QIWEI @ 12:24 AM

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

-> okay, i was laughed at this morning for spelling lee Kuan yew's name lee Guan yew.

sorry, what can i do?
i only know how to spell WANG QI WEI :D

-> amaths is a total flunk crap.

logarithms logarithms logarithms log log log
i dont know you, i dont understand you.
what the heck. like what elton says, almost the whole paper is on logarithms.

see what i mean?
flunk crap.

im quite sure even if they print the answer BIG BIG beside the questions i still cant get the workings right.

-> SLSY is very food-orientated.

th: hanazawa rui is so shuai!
qw: yaya! he's so sweet to makino.
sans: all this just sounds like sushi to me.


-> i thanks aileen so much for rushing here yesterday night when she learn from slsy that amaths is today. apparently i somehow told her that amaths is on wednesday.

i was still telling slsy that aileen is so cute, tuesday amaths then she wants to come at night. haha!

though it doesnt make a great different to my understanding of lg.
just knew ln more. hurhur~

-> i guess im the perfect epitome of a bad example.

within one week, my skirt was caught, my fringe were caught, my nails were caught, my bio book were 'caught'.

-> it really bothers me alot when people keep repeating the same thing.

"there's a very fine line between being funny and being rude."

man, i hear it so many times that i can go rokkugo with it now.
"rude being and funny being between line fine very a there's"

QIWEI @ 1:14 AM

Monday, February 18, 2008

-> social study and english paper.
no hope no hope.

social study: i didnt know there were questions on the cover page. ended writing a whole chunk of rubbish because i dont know how to go about writing the inference and evidence.


english: im one of the few people who like challenges alot by writing argumentative even after siva's again and again reminder to write personal recount or narrative for better faring in content.


-> xiaoling and i did the comparison between oliver twist book and movie during cme.
funny shit la.

got rose
charlotte is prettier

no rose
damn boring
charlotte is fat.

LOLS. slsy was laughing mad when she saw it. hah!

-> xiaoling cut her hair!
she look like a cartoon character now. somehow

but i think it suits her.
weird cum weird.

she is like damn hilarious today.

"name me the 15 ministries."
"erm, tunku abdul rahman, lee guan yew..."

" eh, that day you help me do de inference miss lim says inference not clear leh."
"really meh? she says mine is good leh"
flipping through her book to show me.
"eh, see! good..! ... attempt."

"eheheh! mr tan go class le. he just came out of the toilet. and he was carrying a box. on it wrote Tan. P. C!"

she's really laughable today. waahaha!
and i have to resort to charades to let her guess what is LTA.
chinboon's "you guys wanna go bangkok this sunday?" made us laugh even more.


-> yuri: where do you get your confidence from?
heechul: my face.


heechul: i thank my mother and father everyday.

he's horny corny. haha!

-> oguri shun and ikuta toma seriously is too good to be true.

rui is like so sweet la!

-> tuition:D
mugmugmug. amaths tomorrow.

QIWEI @ 1:26 AM

Saturday, February 16, 2008

-> im philosophical, huh?
haha. thats great, thanks alot for your compliment, loti :)

-> Wahaha!
emo is the trend!

cheer up girls! im sounding so un-emo in this entry. like whoa! :D

i completed 7/8 of aileen's work. left some of the surds and damn SLSY's book question.

i hate it when h and k comes in together with x.
its confusing me.


-> everytime i listen to 'its love, teacher'
i feel, erm, sad for the girl?

haha. sympathy, maybe.

anyway, i change the video on the right to Dream of Doll:)

-> Haha!
i kept huixian's apple in the fridge together with those chocs!

and i remembered only few minutes ago.

its too damn hard to bite or cut now.

-> janice's cookies chao ta! haha!
and i like huiyi's cookies:DDD

ya, thanks for all the cookies, chocs and sweets.

-> ct next week.
Hoho! i pray for my humanities, bio , a&emaths, chemistry and english.
i pray hard for my higher mother tongue.

no friday or saturday for any kbox session with clique this time round.
band in progress.

-> she's biased.


QIWEI @ 4:03 AM

Thursday, February 14, 2008

-> im glad. to have aileen. SLSY is too.
somehow, only her words get into both of our heads. Somehow.

quote from SLSY:

There's always times in life when you wanna quit something but you can't. Then, when pressure kicks in, you can say anything but no. Cos you're expected to be like everyone else. To accept life, we have to embrace life. But before we do that, how about telling me where do I get the energy or time to do so?

It's really so exhausting to keep on going like this. I really wanna go for the chengdu trip. But the confirmed people haven't been disclosed yet, I'm dreading practices now 'cos of this unknown expiry date. I'm telling myself if they can do it, why can't I? But it all boils down to how I'm not everyone else. Thank you QW for enlightening me with aileen's words.

It's this talk about balancing and coping with everything that gets me so irritated. I really can't stand it now.

When such a matter is getting nowhere, I really want to end it. I guess it's a way of saying I'm cowardly, I'm too fond of saying, "i don't think this argument is heading anywhere, let's just apologize and leave it at that huh."

Bad move, Sandy.

"people are going through the same thing as you. if they can take it, why cant you?"

its getting on nerves when people keep repeating the same thing.

its no surprise that those people who are disappointed with us dont really like aileen.
who cares? she got me shirlyn jessica and four cows to love her :)

-> adeline,
i really got the urge for 30th march.



-> ng is getting really corny these days, with all his "HELLO! SHUT UP LA!" and "we are having class, can you lower down your volume?"

"they dont take the hard way, give them the soft way."


-> skirt skirt skirt.
i dont like short skirt.

skirt skirt skirt
i didnt want that short skirt.

skirt skirt skirt
it had been that length for two years.

-> seriously,
what the heck is wrong with those two ladies?

i cant understand.
somebody enlighten me please.

-> i swear i'll never let xiaoling come along when we are in cahoots for some "illegal" stuff.

her HORRIBLE laughter gives everything away.

oh God!
please unleash the evil from xiaoling's laughter!

-> lastly

Happy Valentine Day
to all with a valentine. as for those without, bless you one next year.

and i bless myself x1000 times.

QIWEI @ 4:29 AM

Monday, February 11, 2008

"this game is a little tormenting, right?"
"because what you want is right in front of you but you cant get it."
"but this is a gift from God, right?"
"a small and happy gift for those who are not good but work hard."
"in this world, not everyone can get what they want, right?"
"yea, because quantity is limited."

Some things in life, no matter how hard you try, you just can't get it.
Even if its just right in front of you.

QIWEI @ 5:03 AM

-> monday blues;

oliver twist made my monday become darker blue.
its boring boring boring alright.

so we play it at faster speed, then the whole show suddenly becomes very corny, especially when the dog barks. LOL

but im seriously tired. no kidding
i actually slept like nobody's business on 187. hurhur~

-> big self-change of seat today. haha

we were so noisy. heh :D
amirul's name is a joke to huixian. LOL

-> i keep calling people girl girl or boy boy nowaday. LOL

and i like to say kuku and neh neh alot recently too.
so much so that i influence SLSY. haha!

-> almost everybody didnt do amaths. haha!

and so now we accumulated five exercises. Hmmm.
ng suddenly realised the limited time we left and teaches very fast.

extra lesson on wednesday and thursday.
the motto of my life currently: embrace amaths; be a-maths slave.

-> finally, me and jasmin understand why miss ng kept complaining about cw's bag last year.

see it yourself, its horrible.

we were rummaging through his bag searching for a tie.
qad forgot to bring. wahhaha. and i kept telling her he wipe his mucus on his tie, wipe his hand after he had scratched his butt on his tie.
she's like damn disgusted by those words. haha!

-> some kuku pictures SLSY took while oliver was living happily with mr brownlow.

the 80s :)

QIWEI @ 2:41 AM

Saturday, February 09, 2008

-> happy chu san people:D

Qw is on a winning strike. haha!

im practically spending my new year with o4 people. lols
gambling gambling and gambling!

-> some pictures taken yesterday.

the bored girls making the host their camera man.

from left to right: pretty, pretty, loti

we were supposed to be les yesterday. LOL

see my hand? hahas
we wanted to create this "we are in brandon's room" effect, but then my hand too short. lol



*smile smile*

forgotten about camwhoring in the end. were busy earning today's cj7 movie tickets. haha!

so, talking about cj7
its nice enough for me, though the guys say it wasnt worth the money as they spent the time laughing at us crying. duhs!

-> xiaoling's house tomorrow.
gamble gamble gamble

QIWEI @ 6:42 AM

Thursday, February 07, 2008

-> first of all, Happy Chinese New Year.
though mine isnt very happy.

great grand mum in hospital, as a result, great decrease in angbaos.

-> since we are all so bored here facing the com, SLSY, i shall entertain you with one picture.

and Qw presents you one of her affairs.

i cant stand it. the voltage is too high for me to take it.


-> poor edison.
no worries, im still very ED-ed!

-> anyway, some random stuffs.

sungmin's name converted to ang moh is Vincent Lee.

and shindong's is matthew!

-> qixiang is corny ok. haha!

he sent a whole chunk of words, which in short, happy chinese new year. and so i replied him.

Qw: 老弟,也祝你新年快乐
qx: 好啊,希望你越变越美丽。。
Qw: 还要祝我早日找到男朋友
qx: 你用不用那么骚,这么想嫁?这里的女孩还真是奇怪。。

like DUHS!
i tried to sms him in chinese, and then gave up because it was too troublesome. and so, he sms me in chinese, and i replied in english. LOLS!

-> forgot to mention about yesterday's afternoon.

me and ade went to find taylor, seeing that he is so pathetic waiting alone.
then went mac find derrick. four person.

jiasheng came, followed by benjamin, junxiong weichuan, zaki and yijie.
and the atmosphere became ever so awkward.

after much effort to break the silence, me and ade were talking with the hc and ri guys. yijie was so so so damn quiet can.

somehow, the guys lost their use-to friendship.

we were sitting there looking stupid, and occasionally figuring out how many people will turn up next year, seeing that the number decreases by ten every year. Hmm

QIWEI @ 12:45 AM


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